Are you planning to build or renovate your house in or around Brussels?

Construction and renovation in Brussels

Our structural and finishing company takes care of your entire site. We have been active for over 15 years and our experience allows us to offer you a quality service that is efficient and attentive to your needs. We take care of both the partial or comprehensive renovation of your home, but also the construction site. Whether it's the construction of a new building or an annex, our team will meet your needs.
Solutions tailored to your needs
Quality professional work
15+ years of experience

Are you building in or around Brussels?

Tin Construct is a general contractor specializing in construction sites.
Our teams and our structure allow us to take charge of all types of private projects.
We offer efficient, rigorous work tailored to your needs:
- new buildings: do you want to expand your home? Add an annex, a garage or a veranda? We take care of all of this work. Whether it is only for major works or for the entire site with the finishing touches.
- major works and earthworks: if you are building a house, several preparatory steps are essential before laying the first visible brick. Earthworks to prepare the ground, leveling the ground or laying the foundations. Next come the masonry and all the work involved in building the envelope of a house. We have many trades in our company to carry out all these steps in a professional and coordinated manner.
- demolition: we also take care of demolition sites. Our goal is to make your land a clean space and prepared for the work you plan.

A renovation in sight?

Entrust your renovation project to Tin Construct and its professional teams responding to your requests and needs.
Tin Construct offers you its renovation services:
- Interior and exterior renovation: we refresh your home by renovating your interior or exterior. We refurbish parts that have deteriorated over time and facade elements that need updating. We attach particular importance to your desires: aren't you the one who will live in these rooms? This is why listening to the customer is one of our priorities along with offering high quality work.
- Conversion: do you want to extend or transform part of your home? We offer our services for the enlargement of your living rooms or their transformation.

Construction and renovation from A to Z

Tin Construct takes care of your entire site, from major works to finishing.
Our 15 years of experience allow us to offer a truly comprehensive construction service and to be able to respond to all the tasks related to your site in a professional manner.
This approach for construction sites allows our teams to offer you a result adapted to your needs.
The Tin Construct teams are in charge of helping you with:
- exterior carpentry.
- cover and frame.
- construction of the walls.
- lay the foundations.
- carry out the earthworks.

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Tin Construct a general construction company, made up of teams of professionals who have proven themselves in their industries.
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