Are you planning to install windows and doors in or around Brussels?

Doors & Windows Installation

Are you building or renovating and looking for a professional offering a quality service for the assembly of your frames and windows in and around Brussels? Tin Construction offers you its installation or replacement services for windows and doors.
Our experience of more than 15 years in the sector allows us to offer a quality service adapted to your needs. Whether it is for installing windows, doors or roller shutters, our teams respond to your requests and advise you throughout your project.
An experience of more than 15 years
Professional installation of windows and doors to secure your home.
180+ Successfully Completed Projects

Energy efficiency for your building thanks to new windows?

Entrust the installation of the windows to Tin Construct and benefit from energy efficiency and a high level of thermal and sound insulation.
Whether it is installing PVC, aluminum or wood windows or even window accessories such as insect repellents or shutters, we help you and we are at your disposal to help you choose the type. windows that adapt perfectly to your needs and desires.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are back in fashion thanks to their natural aesthetic appearance.
If you have opted for wooden windows, you have made the right choice! Wooden windows are special thanks to their advantages: high durability and good insulation and breathe constantly by the nature of the material.

PVC windows

Choosing for the installation of windows, PVC is an excellent quality price choice! PVC windows have a simple, classic look and hardly ever go out of style. This type of frame, in addition to being recyclable, can guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and does not create condensation.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are very stylish and are the best choice for modern buildings with large windows.
Thanks to many modern manufacturing methods, aluminum windows have a high resistance to environmental factors and offer a very pleasant aesthetic appearance and a wide range of colors.

Installation of interior and exterior doors in and around Brussels

Both interior and exterior doors play a very important role in creating your own style of home, office or building and above all your safety and energy efficiency. Just like windows, doors can be of several types:


1. MDF doors (low density fiber)
Also used for wardrobes, MDF doors have several advantages: available in large sizes, offer a high degree of customization and a much lower price than other types of doors.
2. Solid wood doors
Also used for the exterior, solid wood doors have high resistance and durability and thermally insulate the room. In addition, offers an element of personalization for your home.
3. Glass doors
Glass doors have many advantages among: a wide range of colors, the penetration of natural light, simple maintenance, etc.
4. Interior sliding doors
Interior sliding doors are becoming more and more popular in Belgium thanks to the fact that they offer more space and are practical, in addition to giving elegance to the rooms.


1. Solid wood exterior doors
Are of superior quality to metal doors, they thermally insulate and depending on your architectural style can offer a degree of customization.
2. PVC exterior doors
PVC exterior doors are quite widely used both for company buildings and for private homes thanks to their very good thermal and sound insulation.
3. Aluminum exterior doors
Aluminum doors stand out thanks to their special design and the fact that they are easy to maintain.
4. Special doors for passive houses
Bad weather? Special doors for passive houses are ideal. Are very good thermal and sound insulators, have a very high resistance over time and do not deform due to bad weather.
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