Do you want to set up a new sanitary installation or change the existing one?

Sanitary and Plumbing Installations

Call on Tin Construct for your work related to sanitary installations and plumbing in Brussels or its surroundings. Our teams of specialists intervene quickly and efficiently for quality results.
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We carry out your sanitary installations

Sanitary facilities are the backbone of your home. These pipes run through your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Faulty or poorly thought out installations can quickly turn your daily life into hell. This is why Tin Construt intervenes quickly and effectively in your home. We are specialists in sanitary installations.
- installation of sanitary facilities in your water rooms for a renovation: are you renovating in your home? If these renovations concern the kitchen, the bathroom or the toilets, the sanitary installations are concerned. In this case, call on our teams of experts who can intervene quickly to arrange these central rooms of a home in the material you want.
Our teams are attentive to your needs and adapt their intervention according to the situation at hand.
- heating installation (hyperlink to heating)
- tiling (hyperlink to coverings)
- sanitary facilities for a new construction: our general contracting service takes care of the construction of your house.
We propose either to intervene on the whole construction or on a specific element of the specifications, such as the installation of sanitary facilities. We send our subject matter experts to install sustainable sanitary facilities thanks to their expertise and quality materials.

Plumbing troubleshooting

The plumbing of a home is a fragile element when it has not been properly maintained or installed correctly.
And plumbing problems like leaks or a blocked drain can quickly turn into hell. This is why Tin Construct offers rapid intervention in Brussels and its surroundings. We intervene to repair the leaks and draw up an estimate in the event that more substantial work is required.
Our professional team works on the following sanitary elements:
✅  Leaks
✅  Unblocking
✅  General repairs
✅  Piping
✅  Plumbing

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