Tin Construct offers you a professional electrical installation and ventilation service!

Electrical Installation and Ventilation

Tin Construction sets up your electrical installation and ventilation system in Brussels and its surroundings.
Our experience of more than 15 years in the sector allows us to offer a quality service adapted to your needs. Whether for troubleshooting, electrical maintenance, compliance or installation, our teams respond to your requests and advise you throughout your project. We also suggest installing your ventilation system in your home.
Solutions tailored to your needs
Quality professional work
15+ years of experience

Install professional electrical

Are you building or doing major renovations? Use our electrical installation services.
- We draw up the electrical plans for your home and identify your needs for each room in the house.
- Then, we support you in the choice of lighting and the location of the electrical outlets.
- We trace the electrical elements and carry out the installation and all the necessary checks in connection with the compliance of your electrical installation.

Troubleshooting the electrical installation

A breakdown or malfunction in your electrical system has many consequences in your home. Tin Construction teams intervene quickly at your home.
Light, heating, hot water, unplugged refrigerator, etc. In order to put an end to this uncomfortable situation, we send a team of electricians who will come to see the technical problems and offer quick solutions to put in place to solve your problem.
Our teams of professional electricians respond to all your requests related to an electrical malfunction.
You can count on our speed and efficiency so that your accommodation becomes comfortable again.

Maintenance and compliance

The electrical installation is governed by standards that ensure the safety of your home and that your network is effectively set up.
A professional maintenance of your installation aims to reveal the faults of your installation. By acting preventively, all risks of damage and fire are avoided.
These checks are important in the case of dilapidated and poorly executed installations. A standardization is also necessary when you buy a good. Tin Construction performs these maintenance and takes care of the compliance of your electrical installation.

Many elements can lead to compliance work

➡  Improper execution of the earth connection.

➡  The presence of poorly insulated conductors or a lack of an earth leakage circuit breaker.

➡  The last frequently identified item is the lack of a position diagram that makes it easy to identify a faulty circuit in the event of a failure.

Call Tin Construct to make sure your electrical system is not suffering from any of these malfunctions. 

Ventilation systems

Tin Construct offers you the installation of ventilation systems!
The benefits of good ventilation are manifold. They allow you to breathe healthy air at home and limit damage caused by humidity.

We install the electrical networks, identify the relevant places to set up the ventilation, proceed to its installation while optimizing its efficiency.

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