Tin Construct carries out your interior and exterior joinery in Brussels and its surroundings.

Interior and exterior joinery

We offer our services to place door and window frames and make the interior and exterior joinery elements of your home such as interior doors, custom-made cabinets and others. At Tin Construct, we emphasize that successful joinery is synonymous with a well-insulated home. To achieve this, trust our experience of more than 15 years in the building industry and our mastery of all aspects of a construction site.
A speaker who can listen and trust with 15 years of experience
Maximum energy efficiency thanks to a tailor-made installation
A mastery of the various positions in the specifications for more consistency in the realization
Wood is an integral part of a construction. This solid, durable and aesthetic material is used in particular to carry out exterior and interior joinery which is installed after the structural work and before the installation of frames and windowsAt Tin Construct, we understand the importance of this step. Exterior joinery occupies a crucial place for the insolation of your home. They are also very important for the aesthetics of your home, whether it is when these joinery is installed inside and outside your home. Trust Tin Construct to carry out this project!

Realization of exterior joinery in Brussels

We are proud to present a complete offer. Tin Construct offers a construction and renovationexterior joinery and installation of frames and windows.
The post of exterior joinery consists of dressing the windows of your homes, whether for renovation or construction. We come to place frames on the doors and windows of your homes. We use several materials for this purpose:
✅ Wood.
✅ Aluminum.
✅ PVC.
Proper installation of your exterior joinery is very important for your insulation: 50% of the calculation of the efficiency of your insulation is impacted by this item. Therefore, it is important to entrust these tasks to an experienced professional like Tin Construct. Our 15 years of experience in the business allow us to offer high quality service that listens to your needs.

Realization of interior joinery in Brussels

In addition to the realization of the exterior joinery, Tin Construct also takes care of the interior joinery:
- doors: in addition to installing your frames and windows, Tin Construct takes care of the installation of wooden doors in your house: sliding doors, revolving doors, pivoting doors, ...
- interior finishes: wood is a magnificent material that sublimates an interior. At Tin Contruct, we integrate wood into our interior fittings by producing coverings for wooden ceilings or walls and sliding walls for wardrobes.
- furniture: do you need furniture suited to your interior?
At Tin Construct, we carry out these works in order to make your living rooms comfortable places and adapted to your use. Making custom-made furniture is a good way to achieve this goal since it adapts to the layout of your room and the use you make of it.

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